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54/55 places booked (one last place available) Year Course: NVC Mediation & Systemic Lense with Yoram Mosenzon, Tanja Walliser, and Livio Lunin

Imagine a world in which we knew how to resolve our conflicts.

September 2024 – May 2025

This course is designed for those of you who want to learn mediation as a life skill and/or aim to practice it as a profession.

Requirement: Completion of Grundlagenkurs, Vertiefungskurs, and one Themenblock with Empathie Stadt Zürich (upcoming courses) or a Basic-, Intermediate-, and Advanced-Course with Connecting2Life.

The course will be held in English.

You will spend two weeks with Yoram Mosenzon, and three weekends with Tanja Walliser and Livio Lunin.

Mediation is a fundamental social skill.

Conflict is not exclusively people shouting at each other. If you spend time with children, friends, colleagues, or partake in any kind of meeting or gathering, surely you already have mediation skills. There are many scales of challenges, misunderstandings, tensions, and unspoken frustration whenever there is cooperation between people.

Mediation is a practice based on the assumption that the a social-structure of two people sometimes isn’t enough. When two people are stimulated they are less available to keep calm and hear each other out. The mediator is simply a third party who is not stimulated, and has the skills to help create connection and cooperation.

This course will give you tools, experience, and clarity to lead professional mediations, as well as initiate day-to-day mediations in informal settings.

Course Content two Weeks with Yoram Mosenzon

  • How to stay present and centered when a conflict becomes heated
  • The role of mediator – what a mediator is responsible for, and how to make it meaningful rather than feel like a stressful job
  • How to prepare a mediation: pre-mediation, mediation, post-mediation
  • The 5 Movements of Passing a Message – the basic structure of a mediation according to Yoram Mosenzon
  • Deep empathic skills supporting mediation
  • How to lead dialogue towards sustainable agreements
  • Going beyond a ‘NO’ – how to continue when one or both parties don’t agree to a suggestion
  • Inner mediation – mediating a conflict between different voices within one person
  • Group mediation

There is always a systemic element to conflict.

Course Content three Weekends with Tanja Walliser and Livio Lunin

  • How to identify and take care of systemic conditions for conflict
  • Understanding cultural differences in expressing emotions, needs, and requests
  • Accounting for power and privilege in conflict without falling into an attitude of blame

Practice, practice, practice … and enjoy the mountains

Tanja Walliser and Livio Lunin will also offer ample time to deepen and practice the content that is taught by Yoram Mosenzon during the two weeks.

The course will take place in a picturesque Swiss village in the mountains. You will have time to go for hikes and engage in other community activities.

Registration: Write an email to

With: Yoram Mosenzon, Tanja Walliser and Livio Lunin



  • Friday September 27th- Thursday 3rd October (week with Yoram Mosenzon)
  • Weekend November 29th – 1st december (weekend with Tanja Walliser and Livio Lunin)


  • Monday 06 – Sunday 12 January (week with Yoram Mosenzon)
  • Weekend March 21st-23rd (weekend with Tanja Walliser and Livio Lunin)
  • Weekend May 16th-18th (weekend with Tanja Walliser and Livio Lunin)

Location: Haus Strela, Langwies GR, Switzerland


There are two separate payments to this training:

1. Price for Yoram’s teaching, food and accommodation: Choose between  2’990-4’640 Euro.

This is the price for Yoram’s teaching (two weeks), as well as for all meals and accomodation (two weeks and three weekends).

2. We don’t charge for Tanja’s & Livio’s teaching: gift economy

We offer the weekends according to the principles of gift economy. In short, this means that you pay the amount that feels right. If you want to know more about our approach to money, read more here (in German) or listen to our «sE>ndung» about our approach to money (in Swiss German).

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