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The Embodied Activism of the Menstrual Cycle with Ruby May

28. Januar 2023

Inhabiting your body – reuniting with its intelligence – is one of the most political statements you can make” – Philip Shepherd

What does living cyclically – particularly living in attunement with womb cycles – have to do with politics or activism? 

This is an invitation for anyone – regardless of age and gender – to join cycle coach Ruby May for a day of enquiry and gentle embodied exploration and come and find out!

At the root of the current ecological crisis we face is a disconnect from our intimacy with life, and our bodies. The gateway of the menstrual cycle with its inner seasons, offers an opportunity to reunite with the cyclical wisdom of the body: a profound and intimate meeting with wholeness and balance in a dominantly ‘linear’ culture.

Restoring our connection to the wisdom of cycles, we are invited to deconstruct the ways we have internalized the sometimes subtle ways that oppressive systems and narratives based on endless productivity and extraction live within us – even those of us who identify as ‘activists’. We can then empower ourselves to embody the world in which we wish to live in, soften patterns of burnout and contribute to creating new, life-affirming systems.

Through teachings, playful discussion and embodied explorations, we’ll be:

* Reframing the menstrual cycle as an asset, rather than a hindrance.

*Learning about what happens physically, emotionally and spiritually to people with a menstrual cycle in its different phases or ‘inner seasons’?

* Exploring the practice of MCA (Menstrual Cycle Awareness) as a tool for dismantling internalized oppression: moving from disconnect and power over to connection, listening and responding to.

* Looking at PMS, emotional literacy and the activism of grief & rage.

* Redefining intelligence: using cyclical wisdom for guidance in generating creative solutions to personal and collective issues

* Managing our energy as activists: how to kick ass and not burn out!

This one day workshop is for anyone with a curiosity about paradigm shifts, embodied activism and systems change. You are welcome to come if you are new to cycle awareness or if you already have some experience and wish to deepen, and whether you have a menstrual cycle or not!

With: Ruby May, Cycle Coach based in Berlin

Host: Tanja Walliser, Empathie Stadt Zürich

Date: January 28th, 2023

Time and location: 10am – 5pm, Karl der Grosse, Zürich

Please bring: Comfortable clothes you can move around in, a journal and pen if you’d like to take notes

Cost: 150 – 250 Fr.


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